Is AdvoCare Safe?

informed-choiceIs AdvoCare safe? One of the most common questions that those considering AdvoCare products ask – and understandably so. The nutritional supplement and sports medicine industries are full of questionable companies and confusingly named ingredients. However, providing safe, high quality supplements is what has kept AdvoCare in business for so many years (over 20 at this point). AdvoCare has a Scientific and Medical Advisory Board filled with doctors and health professionals, and all of their products go through rigorous testing.

Research Based Formulations

The beginning of any good supplement starts with scientific research. This is how AdvoCare knows objectively that what they’re putting into their supplements is safe and effective.  AdvoCare provides their full list of ingredients on their website for every product they sell. You can look through, and you’ll see that each one of them has a research based reason to be there.

For many supplement companies, the mere fact that an ingredient sounds good, or has had a story on it posted recently to CNN or Slate is a good enough reason to put it in their products – after all, it sells. However, AdvoCare cuts through the buzz and goes straight to the scientific research. If there is sound, scientific data there to back it up, it will be included in AdvoCare products. If it’s just a fad or a trend, it will be ignored.

Field Testing

Scientific research doesn’t stop the moment a product hits the market – in fact, with so many people using the product in the field, this is when the most beneficial scientific data can be collected. AdvoCare is always doing surveys and scientific testing with their clients to find out how the products are actually working. In addition to this, AdvoCare hires third party groups who have no affiliation with AdvoCare to do this, as they will be the most objective about the products and their effects. Once the data is in, AdvoCare analyses it and refines their formulas based on what is discovered. When the data warrants it, only then will Advocare  release new versions of products with enhanced formulation.

Informed Choice Testing

Informed Choice is a UK-based quality assurance program that tests sports medicine programs and nutritional supplements to ensure that nothing contains banned or unsafe substances. This is another third-party group with no affiliation to AdvoCare. It’s also a voluntary organization, but each of AdvoCare’s products goes through their rigorous testing to ensure they’re safe for sports use. This is why so many professional athletes rely on AdvoCare products.